A little about us.

We are Phil and Toby. We work as a two man photography team photographing weddings and special events.

Alongside shooting weddings and portraits I work as a designer and illustrator; so a bit of a creative melting pot. Toby also spends some of his time as a registrar; he's a multi talented chap. I also offer my photography skills when I can to help the charities Remember My Baby, Butterfly Wishes Network, and Something To Look Forward To.

I've always lived in the Midlands, and Toby grew up in Cheltenham. We met back in 2010 at a friends' barbecue. Toby likes to tell the story that our eyes met over a Twister mat, but the truth is we didn't get to face off against each other via Twister that night. If we had there would have only ever been one winner, ME! I'm much more flexible, it wouldn't even have been a fair contest.

We currently reside in Wolverhampton, and share our home with our cat Fatwans (I'm more of a dog person, shhh don't tell Fatwans). We got married in the Cotswolds in 2015, and we have been happy and childish husbands ever since. If you fancy the opportunity of meeting the double act that is 'The Dignums' then come and see us some time at one of the many wedding fairs we exhibit at.

Tying the knot ourselves means that we've been on the other side of the camera on both an engagement shoot and our wedding day. It gave us an increased understanding of what was important to us when it comes to weddings, and helped us realise how we want to instil that even more when capturing folks in front of our cameras. Above everything we sincerely believe that wedding days are to be enjoyed however they unfold. Rain or sunshine: have some fun. Small and intimate, or the whole clan; have some fun. Most importantly whether it's a wedding day or portrait session; when it comes to your photos, don't try to create images that someone else has on their wall; memories and photos are always more special if they capture you guys being yourselves, and reflect who you truly are.

We know that for most of us having our photo taken doesn't always feel like the most natural thing in the world. We're there to help when needed. Pretty much every single shoot, by the end, those in front our our cameras no longer caring about that their photo is being taken, nor or how they are standing; they've just had some fun, and we were there to capture it.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and read, it would be a privilege to photograph your fun wedding, special event, or relaxed portrait, so do get in touch to check our availability. You can also follow on Twitter, or Instagram and like our page on Facebook.

Don’t forget to take a look at the blog page to view recent shoots.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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