Newborn family Photography Shoot: The Hardy Family

Pet and new born portrait photography shoot by Philip Dignum Photography
New born babies don’t stay tiny for long. They grow so quickly in those first few weeks and months that if you blink you’ll miss it.See More…

Carter: Twelve days old

Before Christmas I visited Carter for his first ever portrait shoot at only twelve days old.

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Lanah: Four months old

Look how much Lanah has grown!
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Jazz: Pithi Ceremony & Mehndi Night

Before Jazz and Vik's wedding day, Jazz asked me to capture her morning Pithi ceremony and Mehndi evening.
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Jazz & Viks: Pre-wedding shoot

Jazz and Viks' wedding day is just around the corner, but before the big day arrives we met up for their pre-wedding More…

Ollie & Finn, a year on: Family Portrait Shoot

A visit to see Ollie and Finn a year on from their first birthday More…

Lanah: Newborn Shoot

Say hello to little Lanah!
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Penny; Nine months on

I was recently invited along to photograph Penny again; now nine months old.
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Five Toddlers and a Photographer

I recently met up with Xander, Eddie, Jess, Keira and Eva to photograph a small joint first birthday party, and also a group trip to a local More…

A morning with Millie

I spent a morning with Millie to capture some very cute shots of her going about her More…

Penelope: Two Weeks Old

I visited proud first time parents Lorna and Tom, to photograph their very new and tiny daughter, Penelope.
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Ollie & Finn: First Birthday Celebrations

I was invited along to Ollie & Finn's first birthday celebrations on Friday to capture the fun and festivities.
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