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When it comes to photo books and wall art, there’s something nice about the tactility you get from having the images physically in your hands, rather than on screen. Sitting down with a cup of tea and leafing through the pages of memories can often feel very special, something that you just don’t get with social media websites. Wall art and framed photos are a great opportunity to make the most of a favourite photo, it is there everyday, in your home to enjoy, reminding you of a special day or moment.

Photo albums can be ordered at any time. Guests books, prints, wall and desk photo products can be ordered directly from your online photo gallery.
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Folio Wedding Albums

Folio albums are beautifully and ethically handcrafted, their quality speaks for itself. The leather bound 12x12" or 8x8" Fine Art Book is the perfect way to present and share all those special memories. Customisable with a choice of cover colours and containing fifteen spreads (thirty sides).

They really are the top of the line photos albums, take a look for yourself on their website: for more information on Folio Albums click here.

8x8" Fine Art Book: £375

12x12" Fine Art Book: £495

We also offer the option to add a 6x6” mini duplicate bundle, they are direct copies of the larger albums photo content, with leather covers. You receive two in the pack, which makes them great gifts for family and friends.

Mini Leather Duplicate Bundle: £350

Folio Family Portrait Albums

All your favourite photos from your lifestyle portrait session collected in a leather bound 8"x8" Fine Art Book. Customisable with a choice of cover colours and containing ten spreads (twenty sides).

8x8" Fine Art Book: £250

Frequently asked album questions

How do we select our photos for our album?
You'll have lots of pictures to look through from your shoot, so picking out images for your album can feel like a big task. To make it easier for you your online gallery has the ability for you to select your chosen images as 'favourites'. This means that you can simply scroll though your photos and mark all your 'favourite' images you'd like to have featured in your album.
How many photos should we select from our gallery?
That all depends on how large you'd like the images to appear in your album. The more photos you add the smaller the images will be to fit in your selection.

It's completely up to you how you'd like to fill your album. But if you need some guidance, for wedding albums we recommend the below to tell the story of your day:

6 – 8 getting ready photos, split between both partners' preparations.
2 – 3 photos of guests arriving before the ceremony.
8 wedding ceremony images.
8 – 10 reception photos. Your choice of either candid shots of guests, or formal lined up groups.
6 photos of the speeches.
2 or 3 first dance shots.
Around 6 party shots.
6 or 7 dancing shots.
4 or 5 couples portrait shots.
Then scatter in 5-10 detail shots, things like wedding attire, flowers and images of the venue.

This should allow enough space for collections of smaller images as well as a few pages of larger sized photos.

For family portrait shoot albums we recommended a selection of between 30 - 50 photos.
What options do we choose from?
There's a rather overwhelming choice when it comes to album options, so we've kept things simple by offering the best choices when it comes to your album. Our wedding albums are leather bound, 12"x12" or 8"x8" Fine Art Books, containing fifteen Art White (200gsm) spreads (thirty sides).

You pick your choice of contemporary leather colours, the wording you'd like embossed on the front of your album, your selection from a choice of fonts, and whether you'd like either silver or gold text foiling.

Our family portrait albums are leather bound 8"x8" leather bound Fine Art Books. Customisable with a choice of cover colours and containing ten spreads (twenty sides).
How does the design process work?
Phil then takes your selection of chosen photos and puts together a layout and design based on what suits each image as well as the story of your wedding day. He uses an online proofing service so that you can preview the design before it goes to print. A round of amendments is also included free of charge, so all you have to do is leave feedback, and make revisions directly from your online preview. Any requested changes are then implemented, an your album design is sent off to print.

Wedding Guest Books

Our digitally printed hardcover wedding guest books are a great way to help collect lots of memories on your wedding day.

We fill the book with lovely photos taken during your pre-wedding shoot, and we allow lots of space and extra pages for your guests to leave heartfelt messages to you both on your happy day. It will be there for you to enjoy, revisit and look back on. Full of all the personal notes and regards from special family and friends who shared your day with you.

You can choose between A4 or square format book, both of which can be ordered directly from you pre-wedding shoot online gallery.

Wedding Guest Book: £95

Photo Prints

High quality prints by Loxley Colour in a selection of sizes, and a range of finishes including lustre, gloss and metallic.

Gloss Prints - Printed on Fuji Professional DPII paper, gloss prints add extra impact to your prints with a high gloss finish.

Lustre Prints - A versatile, durable, traditional option. Printed on Fuji Professional DPII paper.

Metallic prints - Printed on Kodak Professional Endura VC paper for an ultra modern metallic finish. High contrast, vibrant images with iridescence and high gloss combined.

Ordered directly from your online gallery, and automatically fulfilled by Loxley Colour.

Fine Art Wrap

Canvas wraps by Loxley Colour are hand-crafted and photographically printed using a vacuum heat process for a high quality finish. The wrap sits flush to the wall for a flawless finish, and is delivered ready to hang.

Canvas wraps are available in sizes from 16x12” to 60x40” with a 40mm.

Ordered directly from your online gallery, and automatically fulfilled by Loxley Colour. Production time is approximately 5 working days.

Metal Prints

Metal Alumini Prints by Loxley Colour are wall products that make images pop with the latest in high definition print technology. Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Alumini Print radiates vibrancy and luminosity creating an eye-catching feature for any room.

Alumini prints are created using a unique aluminum image transfer process and are available in sizes from 12x6” to 60x40”.

Ordered directly from your online gallery, and automatically fulfilled by Loxley Colour. Production time is approximately 5 working days.
Product images are representative and slight variations are subject to change.
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