Let us speak from recent experience: your wedding day will fly by quickly, all as a very happy blur. The ceremony will be a rush of excitement, a tiny bit of nerves, and a lot of emotion. Having a photographer team there on the day ensures that all of those moments that will make your wedding special and unique will be recorded, for you both to enjoy for many years to come, and to share with your friends and family.

Our favourite couples are those that want to throw out the wedding rule book. Couples that want to do their own thing, make their wedding day different and unique, to ensure it's a true reflection of them as a couple. So if you feel you don't fit the norm, want something a little different, or don't want that fake posed glossy magazine look to your photos, we can help you out.

It's very important to us to ensure you feel our style and approach are the correct fit for your day. There are many different types of wedding photographers out there, all with varying methodologies and offerings. So we've supplied lots of information on this page to help you with your decision. Have a sit down and a good read through everything here, including the frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the page.

It's important to us that couples' make the right choice for them, so if there's something you'd like to ask that isn't covered here, just drop us a message via the contact form.

Our style

It's all about authentic and genuine moments. We believe the important moments are not staged or created, they naturally unfold. So on a wedding day we're constantly watching everyone, looking for those moments, real and spontaneous.

We're not the type of photographers who will be tapping our watches and bossing you around, as who wants that when you are trying to enjoy a very special day. Our approach is very relaxed rather than overly timetabled. This allows us to go with the flow of the day, and for you to adapt what you'd like, even on the day itself. We make a general plan, but we ensure that there's still room for us to mix that up should circumstances change.

If you're looking for a photographer to take photos based on a list of shots compiled from other peoples' weddings, manufactured posed images seen in glossy magazines and various wedding websites, then our photography might not be for you. But if you're after photographers who will run around trying to capture all the natural fun, moments and genuine smiles, then there's a very strong chance that we're your guys. Our ethos is that your wedding day should be relaxed, encapsulate you as a couple, with ideas based on your unique relationship. With lots of fun mixed in there too; not a carbon copy of someone else's day and wedding photos.

To see how our style and approach shapes my photography take a look at my wedding portfolio, and you can also see a selection of our most recent shoots in the blog section.

Keepsake USB stick
USB memory stick

A free engagement shoot

We currently include a free pre-wedding/engagement shoot
and consultation as part of all our wedding packages. As well as the opportunity to discuss and go through your plans for your wedding day, pre-wedding shoots also help give a good idea of how you both react and feel being in front of the camera.

They give us the chance to get to know each other before your big day, discuss the logistics of your plans, and get a feeling for you both as a couple and how you interact together. Importantly it gives you an opportunity to practice and become more relaxed whilst being photographed.

All this helps us ensure we capture you both in a genuine way, and that your unique personalities and special connection with each other come across in your photos. Not to mention that a pre-shoot also means that you have some great photos which can be used for ‘save the date’ cards and wedding invitations.

We even offer a wedding guest book, featuring the photos from your pre-shoot, which can be ordered directly from your online pre-wedding shoot gallery.

You can find out more about pre-wedding/ engagement shoots in our planning guide blog post.

Our coverage

We offer extensive coverage; capturing as much as nine hours of your wedding day, as you can’t put a limit on the fun, emotion, and excitement. Great moments could happen at any point throughout your day. We'll be there with you from both of your morning preparations, right up until the first dance, and sometimes even beyond.*

We've tried to keep our coverage packages as simple as possible. Packages that cater to different couple's requirements but are easy to understand. Photo products and albums can all be ordered separately to each package if you'd like.

We won’t pressure you into choosing particular coverage package, we won't try to force sell prints or albums, and we wont spam you with emails if you don’t book me straight away. That's just not us and we really dislike that kind of thing, so we would never do that to our clients. We feel that if our style and outlook are right for you, then you'll choose to book us of your own accord.

After taking a look at our coverage packages, make sure you have a look at the frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the page. It's full of useful info, and answers many of questions you may have.
Click here to view our coverage packages and prices.
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For those requiring shorter coverage.

• Two photographers’ coverage for up to 6 hours, starting during the morning preparations.
• Free pre-wedding shoot.
• Approximately 400 processed images all individually edited with our unique style. Supplied in a mixture of both colour, as well as black and white.
• Digital delivery via shareable online gallery. Including the option to purchase photo products direct from your gallery.
• A shareable and downloadable HD highlights slideshow.
• Free high-resolution digital downloads for friends and family.


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For those wanting longer coverage and extra photos.

• Two photographers’ coverage for around 9 hours, starting during the morning preparations.
• Free pre-wedding shoot.
• Approximately 600 processed images all individually edited with our unique style.
• Digital files delivered on a USB, in both high resolution for printing and screen resolution for sharing online.
• A shareable and downloadable HD highlights slideshow.
• A printed ‘Folio Albums’ Trio Portfolio keepsake.
• A shareable online viewing gallery. Including the option to purchase photo products direct from your gallery.
• Free high-resolution digital downloads for friends and family.


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For couples that would like a wedding album included.

• Two photographers’ coverage for around 9 hours, starting during the morning preparations.
• Free pre-wedding shoot.
• A printed 12"x12" ‘Folio Albums’ Fine Art wedding album. Leather bound with cover personalisation, and fifteen double page spreads to present your favourite photos from your day. Saves £50 compared to ordering your album separately.
• Approximately 600 processed images all individually edited with our unique style.
• Digital files delivered on a USB, in both high resolution for printing and screen resolution for sharing online.
• A shareable and downloadable HD highlights slideshow.
• Includes shareable online viewing gallery, and the option to purchase extra photo products direct from your gallery.
• Free high-resolution digital downloads for friends and family.


Want a little extra coverage? We offer additional coverage at £135 per hour.

Current prices stated are for remaining 2018 and 2019 wedding dates. For 2020 wedding coverage prices please contact us.

Terms and conditions can be found

Folio Albums wedding books
Folio Album Wedding Books

Frequently asked questions

Personally when booking a service we like to know up front how it's all going to work, to make sure it will suit us. So below we've tried to answer all the main questions you may have on your mind. Everything regarding how we would work with you before, and on your wedding day itself. Just click on the question to reveal the relevant info.

It's important to us that couples' make the right choice for them, so if there's something you'd like to ask that isn't covered below, just drop us a message via the contact form.
*How much of our day would you cover?
It depends on the coverage package you select as regards to how much of the day we'll be photographing for you. Our coverage can be all the way from both your preparations in the morning, to a couple of songs after the first dance. Every wedding is both individual and personal, some wedding celebrations can have a party vibe with everyone on the dance floor. Some wedding days are more laid back and relaxed, with guests chilling and soaking up the atmosphere. The moments we'll capture all depend on your unique day.

Our coverage typically includes everything from your bridal/groom preparations (usually starting around 10:30am), the little details, guests arriving, your ceremony, confetti shots, a small handful of formal lineup photos (if requested), and a ‘just married’ couple portrait shoot. Dependant on the coverage you choose it will also cover your reception, speeches, and your first dance.

On average we stay for two or three songs after the first dance, depending on when the first dance is scheduled in your day. I tend to recommend to couples to schedule their first dance at some point between 7pm to 8pm. The earlier the first dance, the more photos we can capture of your guests on the dance floor, be fore we need to head home and get ready for the next wedding shoot.
How many photos can we expect to receive?
Depending on the coverage package selected you can expect to receive between somewhere 400-600 processed images of your wedding day. All individually edited with our unique style in a mixture of colour and classic black and white.
Do you photograph formal group and family shots?
We're finding that less couples seem to opt for traditional lined up groups shots nowadays, as most want us to concentrate on capturing their friends and family in the candid and genuine style we specialise in. If it is something you’d like, we'll incorporate a selection of these in to your day. Usually just after your ceremony and confetti shots is the best opportunity for us to gather everyone for a few photos.

As anyone who has been a guest at a wedding will attest to, formal group shots can sometimes ruin the atmosphere of the day. Nobody wants to be standing around waiting for their name to be called, they want to be having fun and enjoying the day. With that in mind we recommend keeping the number of formal group shots to a minimum. It helps to have a basic idea of the groups you’d like to capture before the day itself to maximise the time you have.

If you do opt for some formal lined up groups, we recommend working out a list of five or eight groups shots you'd like. We ask you for this information before the day. On the day we ask if a family for friend can help out who will be able to get those groups together for us when we're ready. It speeds the whole process along and ensures we get back to the fun stuff quicker. It’s really important to concentrate on enjoying your day and the special time with friends and family, rather than being lined up in front of a camera. We'll ask for this information too, so we have a back up copy should it be needed.

Remember we'll be with you for a long time on your day, so even if your wedding schedule is a busy one and doesn't really allow much time for groups shots, we should still have plenty of opportunities to capture everyone enjoying themselves. We're more than happy for guests to ask us to take a photo for them throughout the day, so please let them know.
Will you take photos of all our guests on the day?
As our style is mostly candid, we spend a considerate amount of time capturing your guests unposed, whilst they enjoy and celebrate your wedding day with you. This gives us a good opportunity to capture lots of your guests throughout the day. We are unable to guarantee a photograph of every single guest that attends though. This is less about the number of guests that you invite, and more about how we often find that some guests just don't want to be photographed. Some people can very self conscious, and we wouldn't want any of your friends and family to feel awkward or uncomfortable due to me capturing photos of them.

That said, if we can tell that someone isn't keen on having their photo taken, we will do my best to try and get a candid shot of them whilst they aren't paying attention. We want all your guests to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day, so we do my best to help facilitate that.

It's always a good idea to point out to us those members of your family or specific friends who are particularly special to you, that way we can try to capture more of those individuals for you.

We're also happy for guests to request photos throughout the day, if they'd like us to capture them with particular friends and family. One of the great things about weddings is how it brings lots of people together who may not have seen each other for a while. It's a brilliant opportunity for people to have some photos with others that they many not often get the chance to. Afterwards all your guests can download their high resolution photos from the wedding gallery completely free!
Can I give you a list of photos I would like, and do you take 'staged' photos during the day?
As you'll have noticed in the portfolio section, the photos throughout the site, and on our social media; our approach is more documentary in stye, with candid images being our forte. As we like to avoid asking people to do anything specific for us whilst we're photographing them, we try to avoid any form of manufactured and staged images, where we'd be trying to recreate someone else's wedding photos, instead of capturing the uniqueness of your day.

We try to always fit in a mini shoot with just you and your partner. These are a little different to the candid images, but give you the opportunity to have some photos on your own away from the guests.

Hopefully, you love our photography style and trust our judgement, so there wouldn't be a need to instruct us on what to take. If you have specific ideas in mind we're happy for us to try them out, just allow sometime in your schedule to fit them in, and ensure you remind us during the day as we'll be concentrating on what's going on at the time.

Some will work and others will not, it's important to have realistic exceptions of your schedule, your venue, friends and family, and the available light. If you have an enormous list however, it’s probably a sign that we may not be the right fit for the coverage and style you're after for your wedding day.

Having a documentary style means concentrating on the story of your day, rather than trying to manufacture a story from a list of images and photos that you have provided. A good wedding photographer will have their own, personal style and they will capture your wedding in that particular way.
Can we see an example of a full wedding shoot?
If you'd like to see an entire wedding gallery from start to finish please get in touch and let us know. We can send you a link to a full shoot for you to look through.
Can we have a chat before booking?
If you’d like to meet us prior to booking, you can either meet us at any wedding fairs we exhibit at, or we can have a chat over the phone, or via Skype/FaceTime.

Below are our current upcoming wedding fair dates. Check back as we add dates regularly:

• Sunday June 3 2018, South Staffordshire Council, Wolverhampton
• Sunday October 7 2018, Himley Hall, Dudley.

For any additional information on the wedding fairs we'll be attending please feel free to get in touch.
Do we meet up before our wedding day?/ What happens on a wedding pre-shoot?
Yes, we do. It’s important to have the opportunity to go through your plans for your day, and where possible plan ahead, so that we can help you ensure everything goes as smoothly as it should. Phil handles all the pre-wedding shoots and we have the pre-wedding ‘consultation’ on the same day as your free engagement/ pre-wedding shoot, as it’s easy to discuss everything as we're together on the shoot.

We always try to plan engagement/ pre-wedding shoots at your venue, or a location relatively close to your chosen wedding/ceremony venue, couples tend to find this convenient and easier to fit in to their busy schedules. That way part of the pre-wedding ‘consultation’ involves us visiting the venue to look at logistics, the ceremony room and reception rooms, as well as practice shots on the venue's grounds. It also helps us to ensure I can select the best angles and spots to shoot from on your wedding day.

We've written a bit more about pre-wedding shoots in our guide here.

Pre-wedding shoots are booked on a weekday, as our weekends are almost always booked up with wedding shoots. We can book your pre-wedding shoot as far in advance as you'd like, to help with organising the shoot around family and work commitments. Another reason week day shoots are best is due to the fact that venues are a lot less likely to have a wedding booked on a week day, and so are much more likely to able to accommodate our visit, and photography practice on their grounds. We book the pre-wedding shoot in advance, usually after the booking fee is paid, to make sure the venue can accommodate us and you have time to organise a convenient weekday for it to take place on.
How and when do we receive our images?
On average it takes Phil somewhere between five to eight weeks to editing and process all your images.

The exact time depends on the date of your wedding, and how far into the main wedding season it's situated. Phil is able to edit weddings at the beginning of the season quicker than those later in the season. As you can imagine the summer months are very busy and editing takes a little longer due to the high volume of shoots.

As soon as they are all ready, we upload the photos to your password protected online gallery. This means that you are able to view your photos as soon as they are finished. You can then share this gallery with friends and family should you wish to. Friends and family can also download photos for free too, directly from your gallery, so make sure you let them know your password.

If you've selected a package that includes our Trio Portfolio USB memory stick, all digital images of your final photos are also posted to you, as high-resolution files for printing, and also the same set of images optimised in size and quality for sharing on Facebook and other social media sites. All your photos are watermark free.
Will you feature our wedding on your blog?
We're always delighted to share your photos on my blog and in my portfolio, and we find that couples are so proud of their photos that they feel honoured for me to mention their special day online. Whilst we don't have time to blog every single shoot, we do like to try and share as many as possible.

If however you’d prefer to keep your photos private we will always respect that, just make sure that you can request for us to do so when booking.
How do we book your services for our wedding day?
Get in touch via the contact form to enquire about our availability for your chosen day and venue. Hopefully we'll still be available and able to photograph your special day for you. To secure your date we require a booking fee, then the remaining balance is then due thirty days prior to your wedding day.

Just send us your chosen coverage package, yours and your partner’s full names, address, a contact phone number, your wedding date and ceremony time, as well as the address of your chosen venue/s, including addresses for both preps and wedding reception if they are at differing venues to your ceremony. We'll then send you an electronic booking document with the details of your day to sign, which includes how to pay the booking fee.

Unfortunately we are unable to hold dates until we have received your booking fee.
Do you cover our area?
We are based in the Midlands, and also cover most of Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire. We are able to travel further afield for your wedding, though an additional mileage charge beyond may be required, and possibly the cost of accommodation.
Do we need to supply food on the day?
We bring our own pack lunch with us as a back up. This allows us to fit grabbing something to eat around the events of the day, rather than eat at a designated time, and possibly miss out on some great moments to photograph.

We'd appreciate it if you can ensure that your venue are happy to supply some drinks to keep us hydrated throughout the day, If you decide you'd really like to provide us with some food it's very much appreciated, and we wouldn't turn a nice meal down, but it's certainly not expected or essential. Toby eats meat and Phil is vegetarian.
Do you offer printed photo products, and do we need to order those at the time of booking?
We include a Folio Album wedding book as part of one of our coverage packages, but photo books and products can also be ordered separately after your wedding day, as many couples like to purchase these with money gifted to them on their wedding day.

Guest books can be ordered direct from your pre-wedding shoot online gallery at anytime after your photoshoot, but please ensure you order your guest book with plenty of time for it to be designed, made and delivered before your wedding day.

Take a look at what we can offer and details of the album design process on the photo products page.
What happens if we have to cancel our wedding?
Your booking fee is non-refundable. If it’s close to the date of the wedding, the balance may also be due as I'd be unable to book another wedding at short notice. Because of this it’s worth making sure you are fully covered with wedding insurance, as you'd should be able to claim this back through the insurance.
Do you have public liability insurance and indemnity?
We are covered with both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
What happens if you're ill on the day?
As we work as a photographer duo the likelihood of us both being seriously ill on the same day is extremely low. No wedding photographer could give a 100% guarantee that they won't be affected at some point in their career from illness, however we give you our full assurances that only a very serious illness or other exceptionally serious circumstances would cause us to be able to attend your wedding.

If one of us is unable to attend your wedding day for any reason we have an awesome network of photographers who we can contact to assist with coverage.
What is your 'license of use' and do we own the copyright?
Every shoot comes with an implicit 'licence of use' that lets you print your images, give copies to family and friends, and share online; all for non-profit purposes.

If any of your wedding suppliers get in touch requesting the use of some of your photos for self promotion, send them our way and we're always happy to help them out.

Philip Dignum Photography retains the copyright to all photo, that simply means that your licence does not include permission to sell, modify or enter the photos into any competitions.

Terms and conditions can be found here.
Can you recommend any other awesome wedding suppliers that you’ve worked with?
We've worked with lots of talented wedding suppliers, so if you're struggling to track down someone or something you need for your big day get in touch. We'll do our best to help you out and put you in touch with a supplier who may be able to help you out.
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